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Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cancer of the lung comes in two types, small cell and non-small cell. The small cell variety begins in the tissues of the lung and can spread rapidly. It is fast-growing and does not have a very good prognosis for the patient. It is vital to start treatment as early as possible.

This type of cancer occurs almost exclusively in smokers, although it can be the result of exposure to asbestos or radon gas.  

Symptoms of Small Cell Variety of Lung Cancer

It is first important for anyone who possibly is at risk of developing this cancer to be aware of the symptoms that can show up. When knowledgeable about these symptoms, a person experiencing any of them will be smart to go to a doctor and get a thorough examination. These symptoms can mimic other conditions, but it is still best to get the cause found and treated if possible, even if it is not small cell cancer of the lung.

The symptoms can be:

•    Wheezing when breathing
•    Hoarseness
•    Chest pain
•    Consistent cough
•    Problems with breathing
•    Blood in mucus coughed up
•    Problems with swallowing

Tests to Diagnose Small Cell Cancer of the Lung

Before treatment starts, a diagnosis of small cell cancer of the lung must be made and the presence of the disease confirmed. No physician would want to begin treatment for cancer if the disease has not been completely confirmed as being present. The tests that can be used to diagnose small cell cancer of the lung are:

•    Imaging scans such as x-rays and/or CT scans which show images of the organs and would reveal tumors or scarred tissues
•    Sputum cytology where mucus from lungs is examined under a microscope
•    Fine-needle aspiration where fluid or tissue is removed from the lung and examined in a lab
•    Bronchoscopy, a procedure where a doctor inserts an instrument to look inside the trachea and lungs
•    Thoracoscopy where a thoracoscope is inserted in an incision between the ribs so a doctor can view the chest cavity
•    Thoracentesis where fluid is removed from between the lung and chest wall and sent to a lab to inspect

Treatment Options

Treatment is given based on how far advanced the cancer is and where it is located. Combinations of treatment are also used to better the patient’s survival rate. The treatment options can include:

•    Chemotherapy alone
•    Chemotherapy with radiation to the chest
•    Surgery with chemotherapy afterwards
•    Surgery with both chemotherapy and radiation afterwards
•    Radiation to parts of the body where cancer has spread
•    Experimental treatments
•    Clinical trials

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