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Treatment of Pleural Effusion

Pleural effusion is an excess of fluid that has collected in the space around a lung. The fluid is in excess of what is normally in the pleura or lining of the lungs and it is not being absorbed by the body. It can compromise breathing ability, thus the person is not getting enough oxygen.

The Purpose of Treatment

The purpose of treating pleural effusion is to prevent or control the accumulation of this fluid and to find the cause. Since the condition stems from some disease or problem associated with the lungs, the source of the accumulation of fluid must be determined and addressed in order to fully eliminate the fluid buildup.

Treatment for Pleural Effusion

The pleural effusion will be treated while taking into consideration the reason for the condition.  Some of the treatments include:

•    Diuretics – When a patient has congestive heart failure, the doctor will give diuretics or other medications which treat the heart failure and will also address the pleural effusion.

•    Antibiotics – Patients that have an infection as the cause of the pleural effusion will have antibiotics administered which will relieve the problem. The fluid may also be drained out of the chest.

•    Thoracentesis – This procedure is also used in diagnosis, but can also be used in treatment. A tube in inserted into the chest and drains the collected fluid. This is usually done when there is a lot of fluid and it is creating breathing problems and the person is not receiving enough oxygen. Once this is done, the cause of the effusion would be treated. Prior to doing the draining, an ultrasound might be done so the doctor can determine the best place to reach the fluid and drain it. Only a local anesthetic is needed for thoracentesis. An x-ray may be done afterwards to see that everything is in good order. For some patients, a tube may be left in the chest to continue to drain the fluid.

•    Pleurodesis – This is surgery and is done when the pleural effusion comes back again. This is a long-term solution for the problem. A substance called talc is used by placing it in the pleural cavity. It creates an irritation in the layers of tissues, resulting in the closing of the space between the layers and preventing the formation of further fluids. In some cases, the person may be required to stay in the hospital for a short time.

Complications of Pleural Effusion

Some complications can come about with pleural effusions. When it is a longstanding condition, scarring can occur in the lung and this can permanently affect the function of the organ. Also when fluid remains in the lung tissues for a long time, it can become infected and form abscesses.

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